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>I’m a awful blogger!


Yes, I know…it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve posted anything! I have no excuse really, just been busy with work and getting ready for the holidays. As you can guess alot has gone on since my last blog. Halloween has came and went and we had so much fun! Kellen was a giraffe, which is pretty ironic considering how short he is! 🙂

He turned 7 months old this past Sunday (11-23-08) and has been getting into everything! When he was 6 months old he started crawling and now he is pulling up on everything, which means in turn he is falling alot more!! He’s also became quite a little character and loves to show the camera attention.

He’s also learning how to drink out of a sippy cup which I cannot wait for him to accomplish!!

I get off early for the holiday break tomorrow and will get to spend the rest of the week with him..I miss those times. Happy Thanksgiving to all and have a great one!
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