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>Long time, no blog…

>So, I’m still having trouble posting picture which I’ll use as my excuse for not doing any posts recently! 🙂 But things have just been the same ol’, same ol’ around here.

I actually decided to return to school this year, which I’m finding hard to balance with a full time job, a growing toddler, marriage, etc. I know it’s for the best and it’ll get easier as it goes along.

Kellen has decided he is the boss of our world and is not afraid to let that fact be known! lol He has his own (strong) personality and I just pray we can live through the terrible two’s, three’s, four’s, or however long they last. (and we’re just at 17months!!!) He’s getting so smart and is trying to copy everything is his big brother does.

Speaking of Ethan, he has started 6th grade!! I can’t believe it, he is such a little man now! His football season has started, so we will be consumed with that for the next 2 months.

Keith and I actually got a night away together last weekend and went to the Hogs game. We tailgated and got to see the Hogs kick some butt! 🙂 Just hoping it’s like that all year.

Well, just a little catch up post until I can figure out this picture thing! UGH!!!

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