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>I have been so preoccupied with other activities going on in our lives that I haven’t gotten around to posting about my little man’s Halloween. We didn’t have an eventful Halloween, but just hung out with our family. Kellen had the flu the whole week of Halloween and I was fearful that we were going to miss out on everything.

We had his first Halloween party at his new daycare. It was his first day back from being sick and he still wasn’t feeling that well. It was held the Friday before Halloween and they had music, goody bags, and cupcakes. You can see from the picture how “clean” of an eater my kid is and how he loves his sweets!

That evening we went to an event in my husband’s hometown called Monsters on Mainstreet where all the business pass out candy to the little kids dressed up in costumes. We walked around the downtown area for about an hour until it got dark and cold then headed home.

The next day was Halloween and we just headed down to my parents house. There really isn’t a lot to do around here for Kellen’s age group so we just took him around to some of our close family member’s houses. They all needed to see the Buccaneer Pirate.

Now, we are just preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the good food that comes with it!!

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