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>A Plague

>I’ve felt like these past two months our house, more like my son, has been under siege. First there was the Swine Flu that invaded back during Halloween. Next, during our Thanksgiving break he got bronchitis and received 2 antibiotics and a steroid to take. It’s always fun to wrestle things away from a juiced-up toddler.

We’ll go onto December where he caught hand, foot, & mouth disease and had horrible sores and bumps on his tongue, lips, and face. Try googling mouth sores at work and see what you get, then explaining why you have STD viruses on your computer history.

Next on Christmas Day a lovely case of double pink eye was waiting for him! Not only that, it went into the tissue behind his eye and infected that. Turning him into a boxer that just got his cute little baby behind handed to him in a daycare fight. See exhibit A

Also on that visit we were told a staph infection had grown in his toe….great.

But alas he’s a tough little one and has conquered all. And then we get up this morning to the most horrid cough ever and projective spit-up. UGH, spit-up!! I remember now why I say no more kids! So it’s back to the doctor we go.

Do they have punch cards there for free visits after the fifth?

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