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>Internet fame

>I’ve learned many lessons since having Kellen about little boys. My biggest lesson learned is that I can not keep clothes of his in good condition. The wears of daycare, projects, and rough-housing outside keeps his clothes looking well-worn.

In Arkansas we have a wonderful consignor event that a lady started up out of the living room of her home. Fast forward many years later and it’s now in nearly 15 states. Rhea Lana’s is a mom’s dream and I get super excited when the event rolls around in the spring and fall.

One of the best things about the event, is I can consign Kellen’s clothes and break even on the purchases I make. It’s super easy to consign and I also work the event which makes it fun as well.

I’m featured on their blog today for an “incident” of mine that happened a few seasons back. I was shocked to see the story today as I scrolled through my reader and my face popped up! ha If this event is anywhere near you, I suggest you check it out and see what a great find it is!

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