>Look at me! Two blog posts in one week! Now that doesn’t happen around here very often. Today is a special day though, it’s my baby boy’s 1 &1/2 year old birthday. What’s that you say? That’s not even a real birthday? Ok, maybe it’s not, but it’s still such an amazing thing to be a part of. Not only is he a year and a half, but I have been a mom for a year and a half. That’s pretty special if you ask me. To have this wonderful life that relies completely on you and seeing them grow in front of your eyes each day….wow! How awesome is that?! I’ve been sitting here today, trying to picture him at 18 years old and what kind of man he has become. I quickly snap back to reality because I realize how wonderful of a boy he is now–at 18 months old.


*Yeah, that’s the look I get–like, “Mom, seriously?? Another picture??” And I just have to say, “Yeah, my Kellen-bug, just a couple hundred more pics before we’re done.”

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>Another month gone by….

>Gosh, I just can’t seem to get in the hang of blogging. I try, but it seems something always takes precedent. Maybe that should be my New Year’s Resolution??

We’ve been struggling around here some. Keith’s grandmother has passed this month and we are just working on getting back into a “normal” routine. You never know how people are going to react to death and it’s been rough. All we can do is love the ones in your life and tell them that everyday. Sounds simple enough, right?

Kellen will be 18 months! this Friday and has started a new daycare this week. He brought home his first “artwork” today and I just bawled. Who would have ever imagined that a few lines scribbled on construction paper would turn me to mush!

Halloween is coming soon and I can’t wait to get Kellen dressed up. Plus, I’m curious to see if he’ll stay in his costume. He has a mind of his own and I don’t see him wanting to be in a costume, but I’m hoping for a few pictures at least.

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>Long time, no blog…

>So, I’m still having trouble posting picture which I’ll use as my excuse for not doing any posts recently! 🙂 But things have just been the same ol’, same ol’ around here.

I actually decided to return to school this year, which I’m finding hard to balance with a full time job, a growing toddler, marriage, etc. I know it’s for the best and it’ll get easier as it goes along.

Kellen has decided he is the boss of our world and is not afraid to let that fact be known! lol He has his own (strong) personality and I just pray we can live through the terrible two’s, three’s, four’s, or however long they last. (and we’re just at 17months!!!) He’s getting so smart and is trying to copy everything is his big brother does.

Speaking of Ethan, he has started 6th grade!! I can’t believe it, he is such a little man now! His football season has started, so we will be consumed with that for the next 2 months.

Keith and I actually got a night away together last weekend and went to the Hogs game. We tailgated and got to see the Hogs kick some butt! 🙂 Just hoping it’s like that all year.

Well, just a little catch up post until I can figure out this picture thing! UGH!!!

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>Just a little light reading…


Originally uploaded by amberdawnw07

Well, it was fun while it lasted. You know, the ability to walk out of a room and know my son wasn’t going to be causing himself any bodily harm. Ah, I’ll miss those days. Now I have to wonder if I’m going to walk in and find him like this again…

Yes, sitting on my kitchen table. He now finds that the most enjoyable thing to do. Ahhh, I’ll miss my carefree days.

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I don’t know what’s been wrong with me this weekend, but I’ve been in a funk. Maybe it’s the weather and the fact it’s been raining here since Friday. Maybe cabin fever is setting in, but whatever it is I’m going stir crazy! I think Kellen is starting to feel the same way.

He couldn’t even bring himself to show his face for the camera! I’m actually happy tomorrow is Monday and looking forward to work and Kellen getting to go to daycare and play with his friends.

On a bright note, I got my bday present last night. Granted, my birthday isn’t until June 1st, but we got a wild hair about 9 last night to go buy stuff. I FINALLY got a laptop! We’ve never had a need for one because we bought a brand new desktop when we got engaged as a present to one another and that was just 2 years ago. Then when we got pregnant, it was hard to justify another computer for just the 2 of us while we were having to furnish a nursery. But we both need to work from home sometimes so we went last night and I am in love! 🙂

Have I told you my other new love? Well, actually there is 4 of them, but don’t worry….they know about one another. You may have heard of them ,The Wiggles?? They have a bond with my son like no other television personalities out there and oh, how they bring me joy! I can turn an episode on and actually get things accomplished! No, I’m not opposed to television teaching my child! 🙂 haha In all seriousness though, they have stolen my heart and I think Kellen’s as well.

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>A year has come and gone…

>Well, my baby has turned one and I didn’t take it as hard as I thought. We got Kellen’s haircut for the first time so he now looks like this:

The party went pretty well. We had a great turnout of 40 people and no rain! Praise the Lord! Some of our friends with their babies got to come and it was great to see them and how much they had grown. Here’s the bday boy enjoying his cupcake and some of his presents. Overall, a great day if you ask me!

I now feel sort of lost. I’ve been planning this party for so long, I don’t know what to do with myself now that it’s over with!! lol I’m sure I can find something else to keep myself busy with though!

I am excited about getting a night out this weekend with my girls! It’s been so long since I’ve had one of those and it’s almost a necessity for me so I can recharge my batteries and get refocused! I’ve had the same group of friends since grade school and I love getting together with them! We know each other so well and we always have a good time when we’re together!

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Dear Stye on my eye,
Seriously, you couldn’t have come at a worse time. Don’t you know I have a party to plan, pictures to be in, and not to mention you hurt like a mother! You have never decided to grace me with your presence before, so why now?? If you could just go on your merry little way that would be just grand. Thanks!
Dear Kellen’s 1 year birthday,
Seriously, you already? How did you sneak up on me so fast? I was literally pushing him out a year ago today this very minute. Where has the time gone? I want my small baby back who would cuddle opposed to the one who is independent and doesn’t need his momma now. I know this is just the beginning, but man you snuck up on me big time!

Dear Walmart Cashier,
Seriously, carding me for Nyquil?? What the crap?? Do I look like a teeny bopper to you? I’m in my late 20’s! I know one day I’ll be grateful for looking young and blah blah blah, but come on now…NYQUIL!!

Dear Life and Death (on a serious note),
Life-thank you for giving me such a wonderful son to enjoy and love and spend every day with for that I am truly grateful! Death-why must I keep hearing about this wonderful babies that keep being taken from their families. You can SUCK IT!

The momma of a 1-year old, who she herself looks 14, with a stye in her eye, and who just doesn’t get the world.
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